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Community Living Options

Chimes Virginia offers an array of supported living options and staffing alternatives to enable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and related conditions to live in homes and communities of their choice throughout Northern Virginia.

Traditional residential options include Agency operated single family homes for adults who chose to live with roommates and may require 24 hour support. Each of our homes supports five people and single gender. Many of our homes are fully accessible with specialized adaptive equipment to meet the needs of the program participants.

A range of supports can also be provided to both children and adults in their family home or their own home, depending on age and individual preferences. Support services can range from occasional respite care to ongoing drop in support to more comprehensive services. Respite services, which are limited to 480 hours per fiscal year, can be arranged on an emergency or intermittent basis.

The level and type of services and supports provided vary based on the specific needs and choices of the individual/family. Beyond ensuring health and safety, Chimes staff assists individuals to become as independent as possible by helping them to acquire new skills, while giving them opportunities to pursue their interests in the community.

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Adult Day Services

Chimes Virginia offers a variety of day support and volunteer options to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Northern Virginia. Our day supports are provided in both our Fairfax County facility and in the community and emphasize enrichment activities, skill acquisition and full community participation.

Through a variety and expanding number of community partnerships, our program participants have the opportunity to volunteer with organizations in the community such as Meals on Wheels, World Hope International, Shelter House and Four Hope’s Treasures among others. Each volunteer experience is geared to teaching the program participant specific job skills, work ethics and interpersonal skills. In "giving back to the community", our folks also gain a sense of pride and confidence, while developing meaningful relationships and engaging in new experiences.

While multiple choices and opportunities are available to our program participants, with the support of trained staff, activities are flexible and responsive to the needs and preferences of each individual.

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Adjunctive Supports

Program participants in our residential, in home support and day services also have access to adjunctive supports to address their physical, mental and behavioral health needs to help maximize their potential and opportunities for independence. As such, we coordinate with a variety of licensed professionals in community practice such as Physicians, Behavioral and Mental Health Specialists, Nutritionists and specialty therapists.