Niagara Falls Vacation

Submitted by: Amelia Wicker, House Manager

site of the yearIn February the guys at the Majestic house of Chimes Virginia decided they wanted to go to Niagara Falls, New York for their summer vacation. With Canada being that close, it was suggested that they tour Ontario, Canada as well. The guys all agreed.  In May, they were supported with applying for their United States passports. They were excited when their passports arrived in the mail. After receiving their passports, one of the guys began counting down the weeks before their vacation begin.  

In early July, the five residents loaded up the van with staff and headed out for their 7.5-hour drive. While vacationing in Niagara Falls, New York as well as Ontario, Canada they toured many attractions, such as: Top Of The Falls Restaurant, Niagara Falls Illumination Light Show at the Falls, Niagara Wax Museum, Niagara Aquarium, Lockport Locks & Erie Canal Cruise, Downtown Niagara Falls, Skylon Tower, Botanical Garden and Butterfly Conservatory, Toured Cliff Hill and took in some sights in Canada. They had a wonderful new experience and trip!