Stephen is making memories while accomplishing his goals!

Contributed by: Jeannette Williams


Stephen, Chimes Maryland resident loves music. His favorite kinds of music are Hip-hop, Rhythm & Blues, Gospel and Jazz in that order. So no wonder his individual plan goal is to attend a least two live musical concerts this year. He is well on his way of meeting that goal. 

In June, Stephen attended the Beyoncé concert at the Royal Farms Arena. His Division Manager, LaTesha Balam made it happen for him along with Portia Fulton who accompanied him and Kennea Mallette who worked late that evening to provide the safe transportation. Stephen and his staff together braved the crowd of hundreds concert goers to give Stephen a memory he won't soon forget! 

The evening was an overwhelming success for Stephen. Now, whenever Stephen hears a Beyoncé song on the radio or TV, he smiles and it's easy to see that he is remembering that wonderful experience.