Grant is doing incredible things!


Written by Kathy Tatman, Vocational Coordinator

Grant started working with the Chimes Program in 2003 on various projects in our pre vocational program. He quickly advanced to supported employment working in the community as a grounds keeper at Holly Lake. Grant has grown over the years, showing more responsibility and a genuine love to help others, with no expectation in return. He is currently employed directly through the Marshall’s Store in Rehoboth Beach, DE as a stockroom associate and works independently in the community.

Grant loves his job. He shows accountability and interest in learning new job duties to expand his knowledge and experience in the workplace. He arrives to work on time and does a good job of communicating clearly with his supervisors. With a very strong desire to succeed, Grant enrolled himself into the ABE program at Delaware Technical Community College in August 2014. He continues to improve on skills in writing, reading and math with a goal to earn his GED. Grant was recently awarded 2016 “Student of the Year” for the second time for his hard work and dedication to the program. Upon receiving his award Grant stated “It means the world to me. I would love to have my GED in hand so I have something to take me further in life.” Grant never loses enthusiasm toward life and his efforts to achieve never go unnoticed.

Grant recently proposed to his girlfriend Ashley in December 2015, surprising her with an engagement ring that he paid for with his earned money. Grant plans to work towards earning his GED to create more opportunities for employment that will help him provide a good life for both himself and his fiancé.

Grant is hard working and dedicated in all he does. We are very proud of him and all of his achievements. We look forward to seeing him continually grow in all aspect of his life and will continue to support him as he does so.