Chimes Delaware - 2015 Site of the Year

Written by: Chimes Delaware Senior Management

site of the yearPlease join the senior management of Chimes Delaware in congratulating Chestnut Neighborhood Home for being Site of the Year for Chimes Delaware. Tammy, the Chestnut staff, Kathy and Donna, Chimes residents have faced many challenges over the past few years. This past year Chestnut had a new resident move in with significant behaviors. Tammy and her staff worked diligently to help this individual settle in and adjust to his new home. The effort and dedication put forth by Tammy and the staff not only helped this individual feel secure in his new environment and decrease his behaviors but now has him speaking single words very clearly. 

Recently Tammy had a resident that became very ill with life threatening conditions. He was in and out of the hospital and then discharged to a nursing home. Tammy and the staff visited this individual through the course of his illness in the hospital and nursing home.Tammy vigorously advocated  for this individual to be able to return to his home at Chestnut, advocating strongly that she and her staff could provide better care than he was receiving at the nursing home. This individual recently returned to Chestnut and was able to pass in his home, cared for by people who deeply cared for him. Chestnut has had several individuals over the pass few years who have passed while living at the home. Tammy and the staff have responded in each occasion with compassion and empathy. It is evident that the staff are dedicated to the people Chimes serves. 

Chestnut has also been recognized by DDDS the past two licensing surveys with a 100% positive outcome.

Thanks go to Tammy Fink, the staff at Chestnut, Kathy Tatman and Donna Rash for the exceptional care provided to the people Chimes serves.

Chimes Delaware senior management select the winner every year within Chimes Delaware sites.