Papermill Named Site of the Year

site of the yearPlease join senior management in congratulating Papermill for Site of the Year 2016.

The management and staff at Papermill do a wonderful job in supporting the individuals Chimes serves even through difficult situations. One individual who moved into the house several years ago was having significant issues after he moved to Papermill. This individual made a remarkable adjustment with the support of the staff. The other individuals that reside at Papermill present ongoing interesting challenges but the staff and manager respond to those challenges in a way that prevents escalation. The manager, Gloria Dove, and the staff take pride in their work at Papermill. Many have worked at the house for a significant amount of time. It is always clear what is happening with the individuals served as staff document on all programming regularly. Papermill is always exceptionally clean and has a homelike atmosphere. Papermill does well on surveys from outside sources, has received multiple complements and in a recent Parent Monitoring Survey the surveyor had the following comments:

"The environment was friendly and there seems to be a comradery between the individual residents and between the staff and residents. I can suggest that this is due to multiple factors. I feel that an effort has been made to match up compatible residents. Parents of all residents were involved. .... I am using the quality of the Paper Mill home to drive home the important point of having a house manager present and involved in the day to day activity of the home. Similarly, recruiting good employees and providing an environment where there is low turnover is very important."


Thank you again for all the support and dedication that you provided to the individuals Chimes serves.