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Chimes Maryland Traditional Residential Services

Chimes Maryland provides the skills and support to assist each person with barriers to independent job placement and achievement of his or her aspirations and goals. Our team recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and promotes feelings of human dignity, a sense of self-worth and the right to make informed choices.

Individual Job Placement:
Chimes seeks independent employment opportunities for people who are disabled.  Each person we support is trained on the skills needed to be successful at their job.  We operate multiple cafes in the community where we teach all aspects of food service, including ServSafe certification.  In addition, individuals have experience in retail, janitorial and many other support services.  Companies may be eligible for a targeted tax credit by hiring someone with a disability.

Enclaves are made up of five or more individuals, who are accompanied by a full time supervisor, that perform similar duties, as needed, to assure the workers’ performance, so as to be successfully employed in the community.

Benefits of a Chimes Workforce:

  • A reliable workforce with flexibility to maintain the number of employees through substitution.
  • On-site supervision at all times.
  • The supervisor is an additional work at NO COST to the employer.
  • Chimes provides transportation and meals if necessary.
  • Background checks have been previously completed when the individuals are accepted into the Chimes program.
  • Chimes provides employee benefits and worker’s liability insurance.
  • Billing is on a contractual basis.
  • Enclaves are cost effective by contracting, not direct hire.
  • The employer pays for man-hours worked only.  No payroll taxes, insurance, etc.

Additional Benefits:

  • Chimes agrees to indemnify and save harmless, any contracting business account for all incidents which are attributed to the negligence, omission or wrongful acts of Chimes workers and for which insurance protection is afforded by Chimes general and professional liability coverage.
  • The on-site supervisor is responsible for the monitoring of each individuals work performance, skills enhancement, records keeping, medications, administration, as well as time tracking and documentation.
  • While generally an enclave contract is secured for a twelve month period, the contract is considered open-ended and can be terminated by either party in thirty (30) days by/to either party.

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