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Residential Services

Chimes Delaware offers an array of supported living options and staffing alternatives to enable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live in homes, apartments and communities of their choice throughout the State of Delaware.

Residential options range from Agency operated single family homes and apartments for people who may require 24 hour support to in-home support for people who function at a semi-independent level and only require "drop-in" services. Several of our homes are fully accessible with specialized adaptive equipment.

The level and type of services and supports vary based on the specific needs and choices of the individual. Beyond ensuring health and safety, Chimes staff assist individuals to become as independent as possible by helping them to acquire new skills, while giving them opportunities to pursue their interests in the community.

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Day Habilitation & Employment Services

Chimes Delaware offers a variety of day support and employment options to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout the State of Delaware. Our supports and services are both facility and community based with individuals having the opportunity to move within the programs as their needs and preferences change.

Our day habilitation programs (Newark Enrichment Center, New Beginnings Program & Dover Enrichment Center) focus on leisure, social and non-work related activities as an alternative option to employment services. Program participants, with staff support, have the opportunity to engage in structured activities, both at the site and in the community. Activities are outcome oriented and designed to meet the person’s needs and desires while helping to reinforce and enhance mobility, communication, self-care, socialization and leisure skills.

Our employment programs (Newark Employment Center & The Irv & Phyllis Levin Employment Center in Millsboro, Delaware) are tailored to individuals who have a focus on paid work and employment. Program participants, with staff support, have access to work and career-based assessments, training, and job placement opportunities which are geared to the individual’s aptitudes and interests.

Individuals have the opportunity to engage in paid contract work within the facility, or supported employment in the community with on-going staff support. With either contract work or supported employment, individuals often gain the skills, experience, and confidence to successfully engage in competitive employment. Our Employment programs are accredited by CARF.

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Adjunctive Supports

Program participants in our residential, day habilitation and employment services also have access to adjunctive supports to address their physical, mental and behavioral health needs to help maximize their potential and opportunities for independence.

Each program participant is supported by a trained and dedicated staff of professionals. While the level and type of supports vary based on the person’s needs and preferences, individual program services are coordinated by an assigned case manager, who is the family/guardian’s single point of contact. Chimes Case Management and Family Support Services assist families in finding information about community supports, parent support groups, respite care and community medical and clinical services for their adult children.

Additionally, a staff of registered nurses, a psychologist, behavioral specialists, and a mental health specialist are available to address clinical issues and coordinate necessary services with community healthcare practitioners.